‘The power of identifying, developing & deploying your natural talents to become the very best version of yourself cannot be underestimated, and yet only 2 out of 10 of us believes we regularly play to our Strengths at work.

The ways in which we most naturally think, feel and behave as unique individuals are such a dominant part of us that they are always evident. But because our talents are such a natural part of us they might be harder for us to identify and appreciate than they are for anyone else.

We all need a little help discovering our greatest talents

I’ve worked with the Clifton Strengths framework in both a coach & leadership capacity for many years, I believe this powerful approach offers a route to deep insight, effective talent management & peak performance.

Clifton Strengths is a Gallup proposition, grounded in decades of the study of talents, strengths and success developed with all the care and deep insight you would expect.

I can help you uncover your Strengths through effective 1 to 1 coaching and team discovery sessions.

Coaching Packages

‘ I offer a range of coaching solutions at a 1 to 1 and team level ‘

Discovery Package – best described as a rapid learning & discovery process, we’ll work together to develop an understanding & appreciation of  your natural talents.

You will complete the Clifton Strengths assessment online to uncover your Top 5 talents and we’ll use four 45 minute sessions to explore how you can develop & deploy your blend of talents.

Cost £255


Navigating Package - offers the same core activity as the discovery package as well as a full Clifton Strengths assessment which will reveal all of your 34 talent themes . We’ll use six 45 minute 1 to 1 sessions to truly explore your full talent blend.

This package tends to suit folks with a challenging near horizon goal or those who wish to work towards deeper reflection and accelerated learning.

Cost £425


Team Discovery Package - perfect for teams who want to start to uncover and leverage their natural talents. I offer a 3 hour team discovery session, this package  includes a tailored 45 min 1 to 1 ignite session per participant too. Works well for smaller teams (max 12 attendees).

All attendees will complete the Clifton Strengths assessment online to uncover their Top 5 talents. Workshop prep activity and hand-outs included. ‘

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My coaching style, a bit about Angie...

It's important to me to coach in a manner that allows me to draw from my natural talents – my coaching style is all about turning deep insight into practical action, my coaching sessions are not counselling . I enjoy rapid discovery and a plain speaking, informal manner.

I work best with folks who want to turn ‘ interesting ‘ into ‘ useful ‘ and enjoy action as much as reflection.

Take a look at just a few testimonials from folks that enjoyed working in this style...