Servant Leadership is not a new idea, in fact the term turned 50 in 2020.

Servant Leadership is a proven and practical leadership approach that balances a concern for results with relationships. 

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that employee engagement , customer value and the bottom line is improved by employing habits and practices associated with Servant Leadership.

Why does a Servant Leadership approach work? because when one adopts a servant mentality the emphasis shifts from ' me to we ' , removing self interest is the single most effective thing one can do to inspire trust.

Servant Leadership is about:

  • - thinking we before me
  • - ensuring people and the system (organisation) are set up to learn and reflect
  • - a holistic (whole system) approach to work
  • - balances a concern for results with relationships
  • - applying influence rather than power

‘To Lead is to Serve’

I am an advocate of Servant Leadership which aims to shift focus from process to outcome and create a positive workplace that will attract, engage and retain folk.

I produced this condensed guide to Servant Leadership  - please read, share and attribute to me.

And of course contact me to find out more and how I can help.