The cost of employee disengagement is vast, every possible indicator, insight and survey tells us that current leadership & performance management models just aren’t working.

It’s critical that individuals and organisations focus on improving leadership capability.

The good news though is that effective, authentic leadership positively affects the performance of your organisation at every level. The size of the prize is as vast as the challenge.

I’m all about helping folks identify & put in place practical action to reverse the trend. Often this is about helping you get the basics right and for others building on existing activity.

I major in Employee Engagement and have over a careers worth of success & learning to draw on and share.

I can help in a number of ways, from a discreet piece of gap analysis, to designing and leading tailored colleague engagement and capability programmes for and on behalf of your organisation.


‘To Lead is to Serve’

I am an advocate of Servant Leadership which aims to shift focus from process to outcome and create a positive workplace that will attract, engage and retain folk.

The main emphasis of Servant Leadership is:

  • • Increased service to others
  • • A holistic (whole system) approach to work
  • • Wider sharing of power in decision making
  • • Strengths based leadership

It's easy to agree that Servant Leadership makes sense, what's harder is developing the skills to be the leader your folks deserve – that’s why I developed a practical and engaging proposition to help identify gaps and opportunities with leadership capability in organisations such as yours.

I share more on Servant Leadership on this site – check out my intro to Servant Leadership film produced for Barclaycard and my Servant Leader Vital Signs checklist.

And of course contact me to find out more and how I can help.