The Top 10 of Managing Yourself & Leading Others

16th October 2017


              The Top 10 of Managing Yourself & Leading Yourself

                     “Music was my first love and it will be my last”

I love helping folks become the leaders their teams and others deserve as much as I love music. Music came way before leadership though. I started writing to HMV and Virgin for a Saturday job from the age of 16 and eventually got a Christmas temp job with Virgin when I was 19. Two years later I was a store manager, started working with a passive aggressive goth (she’s been my best mate since) and learned a lot of things about how not to lead a team.

Over the years I’ve continued to learn lots and have grown to advocate Servant Leadership as a progressive and sustainable way to lead.

 This blog started life as an extended lightning talk, something short and snappy to remind leaders that ‘ management ‘ starts with managing oneself.

Leadership for me is all about creating good outcomes and good outcomes come from the application of influence which is the currency of leadership. How you act and the skills you employ will influence those around you.

Up to 70% of the variance in EE is attributable to manager effectiveness (Gallup)

Put simply your team will have a good or bad day at work because of you - how folks feel about the work they do and how well they carry it out is your fault. Leadership matters. Employee Engagement – the 4 key levers, leadership affects each of the 4 key employee engagement drivers. The Top 10 tips I share talk to these.

If you remember nothing else remember these four headings, if you work in earnest towards these you WILL make a difference to those that work with you.

  • Learning & Growthtrain & coach me, let me play to my strengths. Be clear on appetite for risk & failure
  • Recognition & Appreciationtake the time to notice me,say thanks, be sincere. Be present & pay attention to me
  • Trust & Confidence let me make decisions and act them out, get out of my way , have my back. Let me self direct
  • Consistent Communication - a clear and consistent flow of info, make it clear what you need from me. Listen, I mean listen properly

 So here, in reverse order are my Top 10 tips for managing yourself and leading others – enjoy!

10. Mirror Man – The Human League

- Take time to reflect, when and how do you do your best thinking?

- Protect yourself and others from information overload

9. Help – The Beatles

- Do stuff! balance a long range view with the ability to focus on short-range action

- Delegate – enlist the talents of others to help meet objectives, give folks sufficient autonomy

8. Listen Without Prejudice – George Michael

- Listen, really listen (without prejudice?)

- Actively seek out and value others opinions

7. Thankyou (for the music) - Abba

- Say thank you, and mean it – give recognition

- Learn to celebrate and cherish the optimist, it’s a brave choice

6. Come As You Are - Nirvana

- Nurture and lever diversity

- Discover your own and others strengths, help to polish and point these

5. Anything by Brian Eno

Brian Eno is a master collaborator, he understand the power of collaboration and deploys it.

Eno’s ‘ oblique strategy ‘ cards were 40 years ago a pre cursor to ‘ agile ‘ ways of working. Check them out.

 4. What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye

- Be a good coach

- Cultivate curiosity – be the water carrier of ideas and connections

3. Talk Talk – Eponymous

- Maintain a precise & steady flow of information

- Manage your emotional energy

- Say what you mean and mean what you say

2. Trust – Elvis Costello

The king of currencies, top trumps all other actions.

Removing self interest is the single most effective thing you can do to inspire trust


drum roll.............


1.Master & Servant – Depeche Mode

- Act to Lead through Service

- Think ‘ we ‘ before ‘ me ‘

- Put simply identify and meet the legitimate needs of your people


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 best wishes, Angie