About me

I started Bellebeck in 2014 after a successful career in financial services & retail.

I’ve spent the last 20 years both as a leader and change practitioner designing, communicating and delivering a range of activity to help my own team and others engage with and adopt new ways of working. I believe there is always a way to help folks participate with change in a positive way.

I have a diverse skill set, I started my working life in horticulture rocking a big perm and doc martens – from gardening I moved to work in retail (Our Price & Virgin), leading retail outlets in my early 20’s and learnt a lot about leading people & customer service. 

I spent most of 2013 working in the third sector (VSO & Oxfam) before setting up Bellebeck and exiting the security of a permanent director level role.

My key learn across four sectors? Leaders should act to serve & people should always come first.

Today as then there remains a huge opportunity to create environments for teams and organisations to thrive – this is where I can help.

My area of expertise is developing and delivering creative and effective employee engagement, change and organisational development activity.

I’m as happy creating quick to mobilise tactical activity, as I am a scaled, strategic proposition Acting as an interim I’m adept at quickly stepping in to assess, inject shape and pace.

I approach my work and your challenge with a large dose of pragmatism – when it comes to action there's no time like to present.